The goodest boys and girls you will meet.

Assistance Dogs go through two years of training and learn over 50 cues to help an Australian living with mobility needs, post-traumatic stress (PTS) or autism. See what it takes to get them to this elite level.



  • Litter C Litter 2021
  • Breed Black Labrador
  • Date of Birth 10 July 2021

Hi, my name is Cardi

I may only be a puppy now, but with hard work, patience and plenty of training I will grow up to become an Assistance Dog.

Your dependable generosity will help pay for my food, training, vet care, and ongoing support throughout my working life.

Will you become a Puppy Champion and help turn me and my classmates into Assistance Dogs?



Assistance Dogs Australia is completely community funded

Clients receive dogs for free, and we don’t receive government funding. We count on our caring community for funding. As we are a small charity, every little bit is gratefully received.

Become a Puppy Champion

Watch the journey you make happen

See the progress of our puppies through training. You won’t believe how far they will go! We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your favourite dogs, with daily photos and videos of training sessions and playtime with kennel buddies.


Our Champions

Different dogs have different temperaments, personalities and strengths that make them uniquely suited to life as an Assistance Dog.

As a Puppy Champion, you will help support dogs on their journey from puppy to Assistance Dog as they reach their potential, and help a client reach theirs.

Assistance Dog Skills

Every Assistance Dog is taught 50+ cues. Here are some of the main ones.


Find/Hold - Many clients have limited use of their hands. Assistance Dogs can pick up dropped items such as keys, wallets and remotes for them.


Tug/Tip - Assistance Dogs can be trained to open and close doors, cupboards and washing machines.


Switch - Assistance Dogs can press the pedestrian crossing button which is a huge help in getting out and about.


Visit - Assistance Dogs can recognise when their client’s anxiety is spiking and will place their head in their lap to break this cycle and help ground them.


Watch - Our dogs use their adorable eyes to refocus their clients attention to the present and stop certain behaviour patterns.


Under - When in busy places, Assistance Dogs are trained to position themselves underneath their clients legs to give them an extra sense of security, especially helpful for people living with post-traumatic stress.

Assistance Dogs have a great work-life balance

Assistance Dogs get treats, pats and attention all day. They see tasks as playing a game. When they’re off-duty, they get to be silly and play just like any other dog. Their whole day is fun-filled.

Relaxing and playing

Puppy Champions help transform lives

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Noah's story

“We now have so much hope for the future with Claudia in it, and during bad times we hold onto that hope. It sees us through that day. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for changing the lives of families like ours. Your generosity is a gift of hope and love, in the form of an amazing dog.” – Kate, Noah’s mum

SJ's story

“There is no doubt that Cozie saved my life. Assistance Dogs Australia supporters are wonderfully awesome and they need to know how much a difference having Cozie has made to my life. I’m eternally grateful for people who have donated.” – SJ